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9–11 September 2015

McGrath Centre, St. Catharine's College, Cambridge

The centrality of design

Josh Brewer

Session type: Keynote
Session duration: 75 minutes

About this Keynote

Design has transformed from an afterthought to a prerequisite. Consumers now expect beautiful, well-designed product experiences. Successful companies have design in their DNA from the start. Designers are now founders or executives, shaping products and companies.

Josh will talk about the value of design in leadership positions, how to infuse a company with design, and why design is equally dependent on business and engineering.

About the Speaker

Josh is a vocal advocate for design leadership, writing and speaking about the challenges of building design-led companies and products.

As an active advisor to several startups, a mentor at the Designer Fund and part of the Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Beyer Design Council, Josh continues to influence the centrality of design in early and late-stage companies.

In addition to being co-creator of 52 Weeks Of UX, Josh most recently served as Principal Designer at Twitter, where he led the design of key initiatives across the Twitter product. His unique perspective and experience are why, in 2012, Fast Company named him one of "fifty designers shaping the future of design".


Session Types

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Case Study/Experience Report

A presentation and discussion of real-life (not theoretical) experiences of the application (or mis-application) of service design techniques. Case studies and experience reports include some discussion of lessons learned and an indication of how novel the work is.


Participants learn a new approach, tool or technology through using it to solve one or more practical exercises. Any software/hardware requirements are disclosed in the session description.


A session focused around some specific tool, technique or issue. Primarily led by the speaker, tutorials usually include some elements of interactivity or individual / group exercise.


An in-depth working session on a specific topic. May include paper presentations.