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9–11 September 2015

McGrath Centre, St. Catharine's College, Cambridge

Remote user testing: the good, the bad and the ugly

Dr Louise Croft Baker The UX Agency
Rachel Littlefair The UX Agency

Session type: Tutorial
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Tutorial

This session will provide a solid foundation in how to choose the right remote user testing techniques for your project. We'll cover when remote user testing is most appropriate, when to avoid it and the benefits and pitfalls of each approach.

We'll cover both moderated and unmoderated methods, looking at the technical consideration and working with different devices. We will also highlight what to think about regarding participant recruitment, project management, analysis and cultural considerations.

The session will be practical, providing exposure to available tools and drawing on our considerable experience of running remote user testing studies.

About the Speakers

Dr Louise Croft Baker

Louise is Director of User Experience at The UX Agency, a leading UX consultancy in the UK. She manages a team to deliver user experience projects with various high-profile clients internationally. She was formerly the Head of UX for companies including Razorfish (UK), O2 and Betfair.

With a PhD in psychology, Louise has worked in the UX field for over 15 years. She has consulted for a wide range of clients in industries including finance and banking, aviation, retail, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

Rachel Littlefair

Rachel is Lead User Experience Consultant at The UX Agency, a leading UX consultancy in the UK. She manages the user research team to deliver great user experiences for highly complex and challenging interfaces to large global clients. She previously led the UX team at Sophos, where her work helped their products to win awards, and the UX effort within the ELT division at Oxford University Press.

Following a degree in Human Cybernetics, Rachel worked as a developer for a time before pursuing a UX career, which has seen her lead UX projects for the past decade.

She relishes finding the right techniques to use on challenging projects and has enjoyed consulting for a wide range of clients in industries including aviation and automotive, education, finance, publishing, chemical and energy, retail and gaming.

Session Types

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Case Study/Experience Report

A presentation and discussion of real-life (not theoretical) experiences of the application (or mis-application) of service design techniques. Case studies and experience reports include some discussion of lessons learned and an indication of how novel the work is.


Participants learn a new approach, tool or technology through using it to solve one or more practical exercises. Any software/hardware requirements are disclosed in the session description.


A session focused around some specific tool, technique or issue. Primarily led by the speaker, tutorials usually include some elements of interactivity or individual / group exercise.


An in-depth working session on a specific topic. May include paper presentations.