6-8 September 2017, McGrath Centre, St. Catharine's College

Chatbots: not just for millennials!

A 90 minute Tutorial by:

Alex Baxevanis


Jane Minto


Tom Stewart


About this Tutorial

There isn't anyone out there that I can call at the moment - I don't want to talk to a doctor, we're not quite at that full stage

Simone, 54

Chatbots are created to serve very different purposes. Conversational UI and artificial intelligence present a real opportunity in solving user needs. They serve as a 24/7 solution to information retrieval needs - where AI meets customer service. Chatbots are one of the biggest buzzwords of 2017 in digital, but they’re often deployed as a gimmick, rather than as a response to a real user need.

Find out how we designed, built and tested live prototypes for a leading UK charity (Age UK) and a large financial services and pensions provider (Just) to determine how older people understand and interact with conversational UI.

These organisations were facing tough challenges of how to best serve their customers, whilst enabling human resources to focus their time on helping those with the most severe needs.

Through a series of cases studies and hands-on experimentation, you will learn:

  • what sort of bot to make and when
  • what you need to consider when your UI is primarily text-based
  • how to start planning a your chatbot using just post-it notes and your voice
  • how to prototype and test a chatbot in just a few hours using existing platforms
  • how to get a bot live

Participants will need a laptop if they want to build a bot in the interactive tutorial session.

About the Speakers

Alex Baxevanis

Alex is an experience director at Webcredible, leading teams of UX researchers and designers in delivering large-scale projects across a portfolio of clients. He gets very involved in defining product strategies and pushing for innovation in clients' products.

In his most recent projects, he’s helped well-known brands such as Dulux, Citibank and the Museum of London shape and launch successful digital propositions through keeping their customers at the heart of their thinking.

Before getting into UX, Alex worked as a software engineer and he still spends spends some of his spare time coding apps and building Internet of Things devices.

Jane Minto

Jane is a user experience consultant at Webcredible - passionate about empathising with users and helping them to communicate and interact with the world. She's always pushing for new ways of looking at a product, the business behind it, and especially the people who will - and even those who won't - buy it or use it.

Some of her recent projects include working with Age UK, SSE and Virgin Trains, helping these organisations on their road to digital and UX maturity through both tactical and strategic projects.

Jane has a love for languages and communication and is excited to see how the emergence of voice interfaces starts to disrupt the traditional UCD process.

Tom Stewart

Tom’s a senior user experience consultant at Webcredible - curious by nature, he has worked on projects for Webcredible clients across many different sectors, from pension management products for KPMG, reinventing the price comparison journey with Confused.com, or approaching the digital strategy and transformation at Age UK.

He specialises in bringing ideas to life with prototyping and fast sketching - he loves getting involved in trying to make the complex simple. He’s got a love of the elusive ‘what if’ moment...

Tom's strength is in problem solving – he enjoys working with people to take insights into something that could make someone’s day.

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