6-8 September 2017, McGrath Centre, St. Catharine's College

Crafting the discovery phase: starting UX projects right

A 150 minute Tutorial by:

Dan Brown

EightShapes, LLC

About this Tutorial

Whether you call it discovery, strategy, requirements, research or inception, the first 20% of a design project can make or break it.

Get it right, and the team works in concert, toward well-understood goals and following clear principles.

Get it wrong, and your project collapses into a disorganised mess.

In this workshop, we'll look at what makes for great discovery. Discovery is not just about conducting research and holding a kick-off meeting. Discovery is establishing the design problem and setting a direction for the solution. It’s about collaborating with the team to build a shared understanding of the constraints and context. It’s creating a foundation from which you can confidently make decisions throughout the design process. It’s agreeing on a plan for detailing and implementing the product design.

We will talk about essential tools and techniques for discovery. We'll look at how research fits in, how to write great design principles, and how to incorporate discovery into any project situation.

You’ll learn:

  • the essential ingredients for any discovery phase
  • the range of discovery activities and how to choreograph them
  • what deliverables come out of the discovery phase
  • how to incorporate discovery into new projects and projects in-flight

About the Speaker

In 2006, Dan Brown co-founded EightShapes, a boutique UX design firm based in Washington, DC. EightShapes designs digital products and systematises design standards for clients in finance, healthcare, education and government.

Dan’s books, Communicating Design and Designing Together, deal with communications and collaboration on design teams, and are widely considered to be essential reading for UX designers. UX teams all over the world have played his game, Surviving Design Projects, to improve their conflict management skills. His new book, Practical Design Discovery, deals with the very first phase of a project, in which the product team seeks to understand the design problem.


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