6-8 September 2017, McGrath Centre, St. Catharine's College

The road to faster mock-ups: how we built and shared our design system

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Andrew Denty


About this Case Study

Design systems help us design consistent, joined up experiences across different products and platforms. With many designers working across a company, how do you easily share your design system so they’re each working with the latest version and not duplicating work?

This session is a case study aiming to give an overview of how we have used our design system, Honeycomb. Most talks on design systems focus on building a web toolkit, or library, with a bunch of developer ready components. But I want to show how we have created a number of resources for designers to speed up how they create designs before they hand over to developers.

We have used tools such as Sketch and Brand AI to build a library of components, which makes it really easy to create and change mockups. We typically use these mockups to test designs with end users before building.

About the Speaker

Andrew is a user experience designer at Redgate. He started off as a product marketing manager but his love of research and design meant it wasn't long before he switched to UX. He now works in a close-knit team with a bunch of developers iterating to find the product that users love.


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