6-8 September 2017, McGrath Centre, St. Catharine's College

Data journeys: identifying IoT UX design challenges

A 90 minute Tutorial by:

Tim Daines

Cambridge Consultants

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Tutorial

With increased access to high-speed internet and the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables and mobile apps are becoming a vital element of our everyday lives. As we design user experiences for IoT interactions, new challenges with technology, organisations, humans and data movement can make it difficult to identify critical paths during the creation of user journey maps. In this workshop, you will create a data journey that can be used to complement a user journey, identifying early IoT design challenges.

The tutorial is in 3 sections.

1. Opening presentation - setting the scene of the problem

An overview of the changing UX landscape when designing for IoT. This is a reflection on current best practice associated with user journeys and how they have been core to understanding the emotional pathways and opportunities technologies can bring to self-managing health.

It also provides an overview of design challenges now that IoT exists, explaining how user journeys can continue to be used, but now require an additional swim lane to demonstrate the movement of data between systems, people and organisations.

2. Data Journey Activity

Participants will be supplied with an existing user journey for an IoT device (a connected fit band) and walked through the day-in-a-life of someone managing their fitness. The walk-through will then highlight where IoT pitfalls can begin to occur, without knowing how data moves across various touchpoints.

Participants will then be broken down into teams of 5/6 people. They will be taken through a modelling activity to understand the movement of data between touchpoints for IoT connected fit band.

The activity is broken down as follows:

  • identifying data points across stages of using the connected fit band and linking relationships
  • explaining what data is doing at each point when the connected fit band is used/not used and which stakeholders interact with the data as it moves around the system
  • identifying the user needs against movement of data, and mapping the data journey back onto the user journey map


The tutorial includes a resource pack for participants to take away and use for their own IoT system development. This pack will contain:

  • a breakdown of the tutorial activities
  • paper resources used

About the Speaker

Tim is an IoT UX and service design consultant, inventing IoT products and services for start-up and bluechip companies.

With a background in content strategy, information architecture, online training and digital public services, Tim has worked across a number of global companies and successfully launched several products and services for healthcare organisations, Immediate Media, the Government Digital Service and Pearson Education.

Tim is actively involved in the UX community. He sits on the UXPA UK board as secretary, supports the Service Design Fringe Festival and participates in/supports the running of hackathons.

Working with the experiences of those people who are crazy and troublesome enough to change the world continuously drives Tim to invent products and services that bring value to the lives of others.


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