Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Tom Castle

Royal Bank of Scotland / Natwest

About this Case Study

This session starts with a basic non-technical introduction to what artificial intelligence is and what some of its capabilities are. We then move into a series of practical considerations for designers when they are looking to use AI as part of their solutions.

Using a series of examples from popular fiction, film and the media (such as Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Ex Machina) as well as research insights, we consider the mental model that most users have of AI and the implications of this for designers.

I then move on to introduce a framework that considers 4 further key areas:
  • value transparency
  • the implications of failure
  • ethics
  • learning loops

Each area will be supported with example use cases (including Microsoft Tay, Google Image Recognition and my own work) and guidelines for how to approach.

About the Speaker

Tom Castle is a service designer and Director in the Artificial Intelligence team at the Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest.
He has over 16 years of experience designing and delivering complex products and services, covering everything from trading systems through to digital platforms supporting small businesses.

As an active member of the London design community, he is involved in various initiatives including acting as a mentor at, helping young people and children become design thinkers.


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