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Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Alastair Lee

Pilot Works

About this Workshop

There is some confusion about the concept of the minimum viable product (MVP). For some, it's a way of learning what your users value. For others, it's release #1 of your product or service. For many designers it's synonymous with having all their interaction design flourishes and 'signature moments' slashed to get the product out the door.

I think it's time that UXers claimed MVPs for their own and started using them as a tool to ask not only 'how do we build this?', but 'should we build this?'.

In this workshop we'll:
  • remind ourselves why it's important to question assumptions that underpin product or feature ideas
  • practice identifying risky assumptions
  • learn about different kinds of MVPs and experiments we can use to test different assumptions
  • practice devising experiments for a given scenario

The session is most suited to designers and product people who want to influence the strategic direction of the products they work on using evidence-based techniques. Or for anyone who wants to know how to test ideas more efficiently and reduce wasted effort in their organisation.

About the Speaker

Alastair Lee is a digital strategist and co-founder of Pilot Works, a product discovery consultancy based in Bristol. He has a background in product management and strategic UX and has led digital teams at the BBC, Time Out and Bristol City Council. He's on a quest to help organisations build products and services that create genuine value - for them, their users and society as a whole.


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