Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Flow Bohl

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

About this Case Study

The role of UX within design and technology agencies differs dramatically to UX in large corporations. The differences are manyfold.

An agency works towards a deadline and hands over "final deliverables" to its clients. In-house UX teams work more truly agile in tandem with product and dev teams to continuously improve and build on their platforms.

An agency delivers projects in many different industries; in-house teams have in-depth expertise in one industry. Agencies have often UX and design at the core of their business proposition; in-house teams sit at the periphery of the business' interest.

These and more differences have both challenges and opportunities for recruiting UX and design members, expectation setting for UX and design outcomes, product innovation, cross-team collaboration and career-development.

This case study will compare the two worlds and map out paths for UX as a discipline to continuously deliver value. It will also offer a guide for UX designers and researchers to excel their careers with the right expectations and mindset.

About the Speaker

At companies large and small, Flow has learned to bridge the gap between viability, feasibility and desirability. He is known as "User Flow" where he works, at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Before, he worked in tiny design agencies and huge corporations.


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