Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Pascal Heynol


About this Case Study

Voice interfaces will fundamentally change the way we interact with any part of our digital lives. Aside from being its very own medium, voice holds great potential for enriching other screen-based or mixed reality applications by a new mode of interaction. And a powerful one. These systems will become omnipresent for 2 simple reasons:
  1. Voice removes the barriers to entry that traditional UIs pose. All a user has to do is say what they want.
  2. Natural language is the most efficient way to issue a request. Every request starts as an intent. You simply speak what’s in your head already.

But how do we create this future? With little expertise to rely on, getting started feels scary. For designers and developers alike, this new medium poses a grand challenge. We're used to drawing up interactions on a screen, after all. Where should you even start?

Last year, with a small team, I took the challenge head on and we got started building our first voice app for the financial sector. I want to share what we learned and how you can do the same.

Trust me, it's not as scary as it seems. You probably already have the skills you need to get started. Some of the secret tips and tricks you are going to learn from this session are:
  • how to effectively work and communicate as an interdisciplinary team
  • the basics of conversational design and how to learn to talk to machines
  • how to prototype and test voice interfaces quickly

About the Speaker

I'm a Berlin-based senior UX designer, strategic thinker, researcher, writer and - by degree - actually, an engineer. I'm also co-host of AX Summit and obsessed with the future human-machine relationship we're building. On my journey, I moved all over Germany, but also to Hong Kong and Ethiopia, where I learned to love the power of people and diversity of all kinds. I feel most at home in the uncertain, have worked on AR and design systems, and am now exploring the prospects of AI and the management of design teams - which feels equally complicated.


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