Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Natalia Rey


Matthew Godfrey


About this Case Study

We’ve all seen the Clayton Christensen drive-through milkshakes video, heard the Snickers story and possibly bought the mattress; but many years on, JTBD (jobs to be done) still means different things to different people.

At Redgate, JTBD is now a key part of our design toolkit. It gives us a top-down, solution-agnostic understanding of users’ needs; along with an understanding of the situation and context in which those needs manifest.

We’ll talk about how JTBD helps us to discover new opportunities for innovation and to connect design decisions back to the jobs our products seek to address.

About the Speakers

Natalia Rey

Natalia Rey has more than 12 years of experience working as designer on different companies, helping people understand how to better design for a customer experience that benefits the business strategically.

Very interested on how people act, feel and think whenever she is designing for them. She believes in better education on methods and process to enable better collaboration for designers, as well as better communication across functional teams to improve the way we deliver great experiences.

Member of UX Boot Camp, uxbootcamp, UX from A to Z.

Active speaker at different conferences and UX camps.


Matthew Godfrey

Matt heads up the design team at Redgate, where his passion for product and technology is applied to developing the people and practices necessary to create our next generation of ‘Ingeniously Simple’ products. Matt has over 10 years’ experience in product and experience design, having worked in industries ranging from local government, education and gaming.

He has a keen interest in innovation practices, Design Thinking and Lean Product Development, and champions a strongly held belief that designers can and should have more impact; jointly delivering customer and business value by aligning their research and design efforts with the mission and goals of the company.


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