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Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Florence Okoye

Natural History Museum

About this Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to explore ways of embedding ethical design practice. With a wide array of platforms and connected services, varying user needs and business priorities, how can we navigate tech innovation, business requirements and user needs to create services of value that are solution focussed yet sustainable and don’t compromise security, user data or ethics?

The workshop will be set up as a forum where we will go through several exercises to:

  • share experiences (both successes and failures) arising from embedding ethics centred design
  • dig into core blockers faced when creating a holistic user experience
  • model an ethics centred method that can work in the real world
By the end of the session, we will have a prototype framework for ways of working to be tested and validated by participants in their practice and fed back to the facilitators (and anyone else interested)

About the Speaker

Florence Okoye is a user experience designer at the Natural History Museum, interested in the application of design thinking as praxis for engineering complex systems.

Since 2015 she has curated the AfroFutures_UK conference, exploring AfroFuturism and the intersection of race and technology, with a particular focus on how technology can impact the reimagining of the black identity.

She is a fellow at Birmingham Open Media, where her research will focus on engaging communities to co-design pervasive computing environments and includes producing a black digital arts programme.


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