Session type:

Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty

bitgrip Gmbh

About this Hands-On

This workshop is mainly focused on learning by doing.

For UX designers/product designers/non-technical people, this hands-on workshop will teach you how to design, prototype and test a voice interface using the prototyping tools and publish your first Alexa skill online. It will get you to validate your voice interface ideas with users quickly and cheaply.

Anil will introduce VUI prototyping tools, and you'll will learn about the ideal contexts for voice interfaces, create a voice personality, and use storyboarding techniques to design and structure conversations. Voice interfaces bring new opportunities to create better products for the right contexts. After this workshop, you'll walk out with your first Amazon Alexa skill and voice interface good design principles.

You'll need to bring a mobile or laptop for prototyping voice interfaces and user testing. Anil will provide a design VUI workbook, and Amazon Alexa Echo for testing.

About the Speaker

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is an IT consultant at bitgrip Gmbh and founder of Berlin Lean Prototyping; a meetup organisation focused on lean, digital prototyping tools and product discovery techniques based in Berlin, Germany.

He is the creator of VoiceX, a low fidelity prototyping tool for voice interface. He is a frontend architect with 8+ years of experience, has worked as a UX and front-end developer for companies including SAP, Canto, Sapient, and

He has been writing about rapid prototyping tools and running and facilitating prototyping workshops.


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