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Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Ben Brignell

Brignell Ltd

About this Workshop

This session starts with a brief overview of the concept of design principles, answering these questions:

What are design principles?
What types are there?
Why are they valuable?
Who are they for?
How do we use them?

We'll look at some real world examples. We'll examine the distinct types of design principles and briefly analyse the approach taken by brands, individuals and product teams and their definitions. There will be an open discussion about the examples we've analysed.

We'll break into groups and generate a fictional product for each team. At each stage of the workshop there will be a brief update from each team about what they did for their product.

Research - we'll consider our fictional workshop products, what their objectives are and what challenges they may need to overcome.

Conceptualise - each team will come up with some collective words, terms and phrases that define their goals.

Iterate - the teams will briefly review these concepts and phrases and have an opportunity to add to, simplify or improve them.

Prioritise - the teams will prioritise the key principles they have defined and select what their final principles will be.

Present - each team will briefly summarise their process, what challenges they'll think they'll meet and how they think the principles will help with decision making in the future.

About the Speaker

Ben Brignell is a freelance design consultant from London. For a long time he's been building brands and products with pen, paper and code. He manages an open-source collection of design principles and methods. Ben helps organisations and individuals define their own. He's interested in design principles and how they benefit design, infrastructure and architecture. As a multidisciplinary designer, he consults on content, design systems and responsive design. He believes in building products that anyone can use on any device. Carrying a sketchbook at all times, Ben sketches his surroundings. The rest of the time, he makes Twitter bots and pickles.


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