Session type:
Lightning Talk

Session duration:
10 minutes

Presented by:

Jen Hennings

Omobono Ltd

About this Lightning Talk

With many companies looking to bring their UX function in-house, they're all looking for one great hire to build their team. But what does that mean for us? Well, it requires wearing many new hats. Let's take a look at what you need on your hat stand.

About the Speaker

Jen Hennings is a senior experience specialist from Omobono, a B2B digital marketing agency. She believes firmly that marketing and UX walk hand in hand in creating the best possible overall customer experience of the brands that she works with. Alongside the heads of strategy, Jen has been instrumental in developing the experience design function at Omobono, just in time for the B2B world to go crazy for experience design in the last year or so.

With a background in development and a flair for the creative, Jen uses her diverse skillset to solve her favourite challenge - analysing complex systems and audiences and extracting the maximum possible insight. Fuelled entirely by Red Bull and protein bars, when not working Jen can otherwise be found in her Crossfit gym throwing heavy weights around.


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