Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Jack Rich

Ocado Technology

About this Case Study

This case study will tell my personal story of transitioning from the field of UX to product management.

I will open by briefly covering my background and how I first became a UX researcher. Instead of improving what I’m mediocre at (graphics and pixel perfect design), I’ve learned to focus on my strengths: communication, resourcefulness and the power to listen and ask questions.

I will detail the landscape of the enterprise business I work in (Ocado Technology), my role within the company and UX team.

I will talk about the challenges we faced as a UX team:
  • one designer to around 50 developers
  • our challenges testing product externally due to confidentiality
  • staying agile and scaling our design efforts
  • being part of the discussion from the beginning
  • evolving with the company to create a great product

Because of my desire to make a great product I’ve recently moved into a product manager role. I’ll talk about how I made this leap (reaching out to as many people as possible and having them take a chance on you is a good start).

I took on the project to get the mobile apps ready for internationalisation, something completely foreign to a UX researcher. This then grew into a full-time role, thankfully because of a growing company and a supportive boss.

I’ll talk about what I’ve learned as a PM so far, the different perspectives I’ve seen from outside the UX team, the similarities of UX and product and how I think they can work together to create an even better product.

My aim is to guide you through an interesting and engaging story whilst sharing some useful insights about my experience so you can go away feeling entertained and enlightened after considering a different point of view.

About the Speaker

Hi, I’m Jack. So far in my career I’ve been a lighting designer, a product design engineer, a business analyst, a UX researcher and now a product owner. I work as an eCommerce product owner for the Ocado Smart Platform, where we’re building a white-labelled eCommerce grocery product for the biggest grocers in the world.


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